Bernardini Srl

Bernardini srl is a company engaged in the production of chemical products for tanneries for the past 45 years. Thanks to the skills acquired and the qualifications achieved, the third generation is already present in the company and manages entire analysis laboratories and production facilities.

The large corporate experience achieved and the focus on innovative production processes, allows Bernardini to develop specific chemical products as per customers requirements and needs.

The company has undertaken investments for state of the art technology, with the target to optimize production: mixers, atomizers, reactors, and relevant equipment to be in the position to satisfy each and every request.

Personalization and Discretion

When a customer requests a specific product with a certain composition, the same will be treated as confidential and not divulgated to third parties. Bernardini srl  works professionally and pays attention to every minimum detail. On the other hand, all the products available and visible in the catalogue can be consulted and selected freely by each customer.

Turnkey containers

Bernardini srl’s customers can avail of a complete service:

  • creation of a personalized label;
  • the products are packed and palletized carefully and personalized as per customers requirement;
  • loading, sealing and shipping worldwide, basically turnkey container.