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With 40 years experience in the sector and thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies in the development of the chemical industry, the BERNARDINI s.r.l. chemical industry is able to create chemical products for tanning use, ensuring constant quality. BERNARDINI s.r.l. presents its entire range of chemical products for the leather industry, specifically listing the type and use of each product. In its formulations, BERNARDINI s.r.l. exclusively uses selected raw materials, therefore obtaining top performance in the various processing of hides; it is also able to guarantee full technical assistance, bringing a valid contribution to the study and development in the leather industry. Besides selling with its own brand BERNARDINI s.r.l., has always diversified its activities by providing both bases, and finished products to formulators and retailers in the industry. Our technicians are at your complete disposal for any trials and technical information.


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We comply with laws and strict quality controls that constitute a guarantee for our customers.


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